what you get

security services

How do you keep your organization's data safe when it is stored on personal devices of your workforce? What if a phone gets lost or stolen? 

control & monitoring

Do you know all the mobile devices that go around in your company? What happens when somebody leaves your organization or someone new gets in? 

consistency &  usability

Are there certain services on mobile devices you need organization-wide? Make sure everyone has the functionalities needed, in a customized way promoting personal usability. 

sustainability solutions

What happens with old or broken phones or tablets? How do you recycle them? Make the most out of your initial investment by using the full potential of every device, until the end of the life cycle.

How we help YOU

Provisioning services

We work together with you as an extension of your team to make sure we prepare and configure all devices consistently with the highest quality.

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operations Management

We organize, monitor and support all your devices in a seamless way so you and your team can fully focus on your business.

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decommISSION solutions

We support the complete life cycle management of your mobile devices with a focus on data protection and sustainability.

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Mobile consultancy

We share our elaborate experience and highly technical expertise with you so we can help with developing your mobile strategy, managing your mobile workforce projects, extending your security policies, regulating the end-of-life cycle, and much more. This way you get the most out of your devices during every step of the way.

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