Tridir Solutions

    Advisory services

    Today, Enterprises consider a Mobile strategy being a crucial part of the Digital Journey. We have the experience and knowledge to build a solid plan.

    Project services

    To guarantee a smooth transition to mobile working our teams will deliver a professional service at the highest quality.

    Operational services

    To ensure a quality end user experience in today’s mobile world that evolves very quickly we supply the experienced recourses and assistance. We support the complete Life cycle management of mobile devices.

    Cloud services

    Hosting the necessary platforms to manage and secure mobile devices as well as mobile applications. Meeting the high quality and availability requirements enterprises require today.

    Security services

    Delivering mobile specific security services and tools to allow the enterprise to extend the corporate security ploicies to the mobile devices without any compromise.

    Green IT

    At the end of the life cycle of mobile devices, you have the guarantee that the correct recycling is carried out.


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